Is now the time for a brand refresh?

Brand refresh

Do you make ‘excuses’ for your website before sharing it with potential clients?

Have you delayed sharing marketing material because you no longer feel it is a true reflection of your business?

If the answer is “Yes…I do that”, don’t panic, almost every business has been there at some point. But it does mean it’s time to take action. And that action may start with a brand refresh?

We have listed some of the key reasons we feel a brand refresh may be on the cards (there are plenty more but we feel this is a good start).

Is your brand starting to look a bit dated?

Take an honest look at your visual branding. Is it moving you forward or holding you back?
“A well-executed brand refresh can give you the confidence to take that next step”

Is your branding inconsistent?

Are you using different logos, inconsistent image styles and a mix of colours across different touchpoints?
“Consistency is key when it comes to brand retention. And retention is key when it comes to brand loyalty”

Are you reaching your target market?

Maybe the market has shifted or your products or services have changed? It could be that you are aiming at a broader or narrower audience?
“A brand refresh will allow you to reach exactly the people you want”

A brand refresh could be what’s needed to bring customers out of the woodwork, rejuvenate sales, beat the competition, and create that much-needed confidence and motivation.💥 💚 It’s time to fall back in love with your brand.

So, is now the time for a brand refresh?

If the answer is yes and you need help getting started let’s have a chat. We can help.

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