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Sarah Leach is the owner and founder of Stride Coaching and Consultancy, a professional Executive coach working with Individuals and Groups. Sarah has a calm approach to coaching, with her ability to create order out of chaos. She is an empathetic listener and compassionate collaborator, balancing constructive challenge and supportive encouragement. Sarah originally approached us to help her fix an existing site that needed technical updates so new content could be added.

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Our solution

After our initial meetings and technical discussions, we started to move towards the idea of a new site design with fresh content and revised visual style. We all agreed that the new design should support her calm coaching style, using natural and earthy colours with additional contrasting colours. A set of simple line patterns were introduced to add visual interest and help define the different areas of coaching. We designed a new logo allowing the graphic and wordmark to work together to form a more pleasing identity.

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The result

Sarah now has a new visual style that captures her calm and confident coaching style. Sarah launched her revised brand with a new website, a set of printed cards, social media posts and a series of events. The launch was based around the Strapline ‘Time to step forward’ and the key messages ‘Unravel the spaghetti inside your head’ and Imagine a life and career where you’re in control’.

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Both Ian and Luke have had such a positive impact on me and my business. They are amazingly creative, very patient and extremely responsive, plus they genuinely care. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Sarah Leach, Stride coaching and consultancy