Commercial Solar Energy Solutions


Branding, Logo Design, Print, Signage, Web Design


Repsole, a leading solar energy provider for commercial businesses, sought to revamp its brand identity and website to stay competitive in a rapidly growing market. Their focus remained on delivering top-tier solar solutions built to the highest engineering standards.

The solution

In collaboration with the Repsole team, we embarked on a comprehensive brand overhaul, encompassing visual identity, tone of voice, and compelling brand storytelling. Our approach included a fully responsive website, branded PPE, impactful social media presence, as well as professional business cards and downloadable digital resources.

The Feelgood team have been creative, innovative, understanding and accommodating. The results for are great and the process was clear, structured, professional, and even enjoyable! Great value, and highly recommended!

Jonathan Heap
Managing Director

The result

Our team successfully crafted a bold and confident identity for Repsole, drawing inspiration from simple shapes found in solar panels and the sun. While retaining the essence of their existing logo’s green hue, we injected it with a fresh and vibrant touch. The new brand identity was complemented by content emphasising quality, service, and the aim to establish lasting partnerships. The website merged striking visuals with compelling written content, establishing Repsole as a platform that effectively communicates with existing clients and captivates new customers. The launch of both the rebrand and website marked a significant success for Repsole.