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Reading Students’ Union

Reading Students’ Union, one of the UK’s largest student unions, serves a diverse student population, including many international students. With changing dynamics in student engagement, the Union recognised the need for a brand refresh to better connect with its students.

The Union aimed to modernise its brand to align with evolving student interactions and expectations. To achieve this, they enlisted the collaborative expertise of Feelgood, Julie Williams, brand & coaching. and Hilary Salzman, core brand story. The objective was to redefine and invigorate their brand story and create an engaging visual identity.

Reading Students' Union master logo
Reading Students' Union logo colour variation

Our solution

We embarked on a collaborative journey with Reading Students’ Union to deeply understand the changing landscape of student life and the Union’s role within it. This involved workshops including all Student Union Management and Student Union Officers. Immersing in the Union’s physical spaces through site visits. Evaluating the existing brand’s strengths and weaknesses through brand audits, identifying areas for improvement. And exploring trends in student engagement, union branding, and higher education sector best practices via desktop research.

Reading Students' Union mark/logo use
Reading Students' Union logo/mark use

A place where you belong. For students that want the most out of their University of Reading journey, a welcoming, safe, and inclusive space that creates a sense of belonging and fun, bringing friends together and giving all voices a platform to be heard.

Reading Students' Union master logo white and transparent

The result

The collaborative efforts and thorough research led to a brand refresh that authentically resonated with the Union’s Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values. Key outcomes included:

  • Core Brand Story: The brand story was redefined to align with the changing student landscape and the Union’s evolving role in fostering belonging.
  • Visual Identity: A vibrant and contemporary visual style was developed, breathing new life into the Union’s image. The new identity embraced the diverse and challenging nature of student life, ensuring it stood out and appealed to a wide range of students.
  • Clear Communication: The refreshed brand effectively communicated the Union’s commitment to inclusivity, support, and engagement. It reflected the Union’s vibrant and forward-thinking approach to student life.

This case study underscores the transformative power of collaboration and strategic branding in meeting the evolving needs of student unions within the dynamic educational landscape. The refreshed brand embodies Reading Students’ Union’s commitment to fostering a strong sense of community among its students.

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