Non-profit organisation


Branding, Illustration, Logo Design, Web Design

Nature Nurture

Nature Nurture is a non-profit organisation connecting schools, nurseries, businesses, and local communities with nature. They approached Feelgood Creative to revitalise their brand and position themselves as a forward-focused non-profit bringing positive changes to communities and the natural environment. Although satisfied with their current logo, they recognised that their branding and messaging had become outdated and no longer aligned with their mission.

Our solution

Through a series of calls and Zoom meetings, we agreed on a comprehensive brand refresh, encompassing additions to their visual identity, tone of voice, and messaging. This refresh would be implemented through new marketing materials and a redesigned website. The process commenced with a kick-off meeting, during which we reviewed their future plans, existing content, visual style, and messaging. This allowed us to grasp the direction Nature Nurture aimed to pursue. With this insight, we collaborated with our feel-good friend Hilary at 22 Stories to develop the brand message.

We’re bringing urban communities and nature together to co-create a better future for people and planet.

The result

We crafted a visual style that breathed life into Nature Nurture’s values across all elements. Illustrations, textures, colors, and images were strategically employed, showcasing how and where Nature Nurture make an impact. This visual identity was complemented by written content that focused on positive change. The website underwent a complete redesign, seamlessly integrating all elements and providing Nature Nurture with an online platform that effectively communicates with existing clients while reaching out to new audiences. The launch of both the branding and website was met with great success.