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Lottie Girling Vintage Home & Garden

Feelgood Creative worked with Lottie Girling, the founder of Lottie Girling Vintage Home & Garden, to refresh her brand and create a new e-commerce website. Lottie was passionate about giving new life to vintage items but felt that her brand identity didn’t align with the direction she wanted to take in her business. Despite primarily selling through eBay and Facebook, Lottie recognised the need for a professional online presence to reach a wider audience.

Our solution

To understand Lottie’s vision for the brand, we engaged in a series of calls and meetings with her. We reviewed the mood boards and scrapbook ideas she had sent us, discussed the brand’s tone of voice and messaging, and identified the target audience for the website. .

We then developed a new visual identity for Lottie Girling Vintage Home & Garden. Our work began with creating a hand-drawn logo featuring a vintage pot at its centre. The logo was wrapped in a serif font, evoking a timeless quality. We drew inspiration for the colour palette from Lottie’s mood boards, incorporating moss greens and natural earthy shades.

Hand-drawn illustrations and natural materials such as hessian and vintage cloth complemented the new brand identity. These elements created a timeless, vintage look that effectively captured the essence of Lottie’s vintage items.

Lottie Girling Vintage

The result

After finalising the visual identity, we shifted our focus to the website. Our goal was to create an e-commerce website that made shopping easy, and visually appealing and allowed Lottie to showcase her diverse range of eclectic items.

The project was a complete transformation for Lottie Girling Vintage Home & Garden. The new brand identity and e-commerce website enabled Lottie to reach a wider audience and present her products in a more professional and engaging manner. The unique and memorable visual style brought her vintage items to life. Lottie was delighted with the end result, and the project proved to be a success. As a result, Lottie Girling Vintage Home & Garden is now poised to take a significant step forward in its growth and development.