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Digital community builder, Instagram specialist & Email enthusiast


Branding, Illustration, Podcasts, , Web Design

Helen Perry

Helen is a self-proclaimed Instagram over-sharer with a ‘just start!’ attitude. She helps people connect (in a human way) and build communities through social media and email. More recently she has launched her super successful podcast ‘The just bloody post it podcast’. We have worked with Helen from the very start and continue to work on and watch the brand grow.

Helen Perry website on laptop
Helen perry white logo on red background
Helen perry red logo


Our journey with Helen started with the branding and website build for ‘Not about the kids’. This was the kick-off for her new career growing her Instagram account, writing blogs and giving advice on How to take great images’. As her account grew to over 10,000 and she repositioned herself as a digital community builder and Instagram specialist we re-branded to simply ‘Helen Perry‘. We created a new identity based on her signature, giving her the freedom to adapt and explore ideas and offer new services. During the re-brand we also simplified the colour palette, typography and image style.

Helen Perry website on laptop
helen perry website on three phones


We are now on the 3rd version of the website for Helen and to quote her ‘each one is more brilliant than the last’. The latest website is a hub of resources, podcasts, events and tutorials. It is where Instagrammers, entrepreneurs and businesses can go to find out more about Helen and get in contact. The website continues to use the bold colours and vibrant imagery that make up the Helen Perry brand giving a consistent brand experience across all platforms. The goal for the website was to the look and feel and content fresh, approachable and informative.

#justbloodypostit podcast
#justbloodypostit podcast
#justbloodypostit podcast


2021 saw the launch of the #justbloodypostit podcast series. We were asked to create a set of designs for the podcast that was a development of the existing visual style. The designs needed to capture the conversational style of the podcast, be easy to update and flexible enough to work across social media, website and as the main graphic on the leading podcast platforms (Apple, Spotify, Audioboom…). The final designs were re-created as templates in Helen’s Canva account so that she could update as required.

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Helen, @helen_perry_ , Instagram specialist.