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Headley Financial Services

Headley Financial Services are financial advisers with over 40 years of experience behind them. They were aware that their existing brand was starting to show its age and no longer supported the direction the business wanted to take. They approached Feelgood to help position them as a forward-thinking company that supported, challenged and empowered their clients to make positive, life-changing choices.

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Headley FS forest green pebble logo
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Our solution

Through our initial meetings and discussions, we discovered that a full refresh of the visual identity, tone of voice and messaging was the best option. This would then be delivered through a new website, refreshed marketing material, social media and office interior branding. The process started with a Kick-off meeting at Headley’s offices where we reviewed existing content, competitors websites and likes/dislikes. With this information, we could build a deeper understanding of the direction Headley wanted to take. We then run a full-day workshop where we explored ‘why choose Headley’, their expertise, their differentiators and the story they wanted to tell. With this insight and information, we developed the brand message ‘Freedom of life enriched’.

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Headley FS website on mobile
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Headley FS website on desktop

In a world that measures wealth in pounds made and pennies saved. People can feel reluctant to invest in their own happiness. At Headley, we support, challenge and empower you to make positive, life-changing choices. So that you and your loved ones can discover the freedom of life enriched.

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The result

We created an identity that ensures Headley’s values were bought to life across all elements. Organic shapes and colours are used throughout to signify change, movement and freedom. Green (an existing Headley colour) was retained and refined to create a palette of colours that complement each other giving a fresher more natural feel. The identity was supported by new content focussing on positive change and the freedom to choose. A complete redesign and rebuild of the website combine the visual style and written content, giving Headley a powerful marketing tool that clearly communicates to their existing clients while reaching out to new customers. Both the branding and website were launched with great success.

We are delighted with our new, modern fresh look which now provides our clients with a much better understanding of who we are, what we do, and how they may feel when choosing us as their adviser. Working with Feelgood was enjoyable and eye-opening. They were deeply interested in us and let us go at our own pace and never forced their opinions on us, allowing us the time and space to create our brand collaboratively. Then they made it happen! We love it and our clients love it too.

Jane Slater, Managing Director, Headley Finance