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Evolve Events

Evolve are experienced experts when it comes to creating unforgettable events! They’re all about making lasting memories and leaving a smile on people’s faces. Recently, they joined forces with Feelgood Creative to give their image a total upgrade and show the world that they’re the creative geniuses who turn dreams into reality. It was time for a change, since their old look was feeling a bit, well, old. They wanted a fresh new style that would make them shine on their website, social media, and on their hit podcast “Gatecrasher“. Love events? Love Evolve.

Our solution

We got down to business and decided to give Evolve a total brand makeover, from head to toe! With a fresh new look, vibe, and messaging, we want them to stand out from the crowd. The journey started with a deep dive group meeting where we checked out what was working (and what wasn’t), and mapped out their plan for world domination… err, I mean brand domination. And because two heads are better than one, we teamed up with our pal Hilary at 22 Stories, to help bring Evolve’s story to life and create some seriously awesome written content. Get ready to be wowed!

Celebratory events should be legendary. A powerful shared experience bringing people together, creating lasting connections and leaving a positive impact for years to come.

The result

This project allowed us to unleash our creativity and gave Evolve a brand-new look that’s bound to turn heads! With bold shapes, bright colors, and a refreshed coral hue, their brand is now bursting with personality. And, let’s just say, they won’t be blending in with the crowd anymore! We made sure to keep the focus on positive change, storytelling, and the team’s unconditional love for events. And, with a totally redesigned website that ties together the fun visuals and inspiring written content, everyone can now join in on the Evolve experience! To top it off, their podcast “Gatecrasher” got in on the action too, sporting a lanyard graphic that says “backstage pass, baby!”.