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Gio offers businesses swift and expert contract management, ensuring rapid progress with a keen awareness of risks.

However, unlike many consultants, you won’t find her in a city office. Despite working with businesses worldwide, Gio chooses to spend her time in rural Ireland, surrounded by nature and the sounds of the sea. This environment enables her to focus on providing the very best service to her clients, being agile, nimble and adaptable. Gio approached us after working with Logistics Labs and seeing the website and brand refresh we created for them. Gio wanted us to create a new brand identity and design & build a website to match her new mission and vision.

Contracts by Color moodboards
Contracts by Color moodboards

Our solution

In a series of Zoom meetings, we worked on the brand strategy, looking at everything from target audience to the brand voice. We then moved into the creative process developing mood boards and ideas into designs using natural textures and a calm colours. Core to the brand was the environment that Gio chose as her place of work. Combining images of the West coast of Ireland juxtaposed against the fast paced city businesses she works with. We collaborated with 22 Stories to help develop and write content for the new website.

Contracts by Color logo
Contracts by Color logo
Contracts by Color website





Negotiate and solve

Working with Feelgood Creative made the process just that, Feel Good’. After preliminary finding calls, they developed a website that not only captured my skillset, it captured my individual personality in a career-sensitive way. I couldn’t be happier with the end product and as well as the entire process.

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The result

Gio now has a brand and website that is true to her, where she lives and how she works. Sharing her ability and commitment to managing complex business contracts effectively and responsively with her love for the outdoors.

Giovanna OMalley, Contracts by Color
Giovanna OMalley, Contracts by Color